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Fund4Football is an initiative developed by the Manchester FA to reinvest the funds gained from disciplinary fines back into grassroots football.

In 2015, Manchester FA presented a new National Game Strategy for 2015-2019. Part of this strategy was to reduce our reliance on discipline income by 2019 and ensure any discipline income is transparently reinvested back into grassroots football in Manchester.

Over the course of the 2015/16 season, there has been two windows where Manchester FA member clubs at grassroots level have had the opportunity to apply for a share of the £12,000 fund. The first window ran from the 1 to the 19 February 2016 and was then followed by a second window which ran from 4 April through to the 22 April 2016.

We received a high number of applications with requests for a variety of investment. The independent review panel considered all the applications, considering a set criteria, these included:

  • Charter Standard Annual Health Check status (if applicable).
  • Discipline Record (over the last five years).
  • Projected impact of the investment.

The total number of applications we received from member clubs in the first window was 59 - each one was individually considered. Of these, 34 were deemed successful and each club received a share of the £5,700.

In the second window, there were 35 applications and we were able to support 24 clubs each receiving a share of the £6,300. This brings the total re-invested during season 2015/16 to £12,000.


New Window Open!

During the 2016/17 season Manchester FA will be continuing with our Fund4Football scheme where income received from discipline is put back into grassroots football.

All member clubs and leagues are able to 'bid in' for funds three times during the season. The window for the second set of applications opens on Monday 6 February and will close on Friday 24 February 2017.

To apply, download the documents below.

In the first window, we successfully reinvested £5,000 in October 2016 (Monday 3 October to Friday 21 October) and the total amount each season will increase. We are currently the only County FA to offer this to members.


For More Information...

If you have any questions regarding our Fund4Football scheme, please email