Funding & Support

Further support from MCFA to help your club as they continue to grow!

Manchester County FA are one of the country’s leading County Football Associations, and as part of our strategy, we are looking to support our member clubs in a variety of ways, whether in the retention of teams through funding opportunities, improving marketing & communications or general club development.

We have recently launched our new offer to support teams to continue playing in the 2016/17 season, which is available as an online booklet below, specific to both youth and adult teams.

If you as a club are:

  • Looking for information about other leagues.
  • Want to understand funding opportunities.
  • How to attract new players.
  • Improve club finance structure.

Then these will provide you with a short guide, to understand what steps you can take to help make your club become more sustainable and put you into a strong position to continue for many years.

Online Booklets (Click To Access)