What We Do...


What MCFA does...

Manchester County Football Association is the guardian of our national game in Greater Manchester. 

Responsible for efficiently governing and developing the local game, MCFA strives to positively influence participation for all in football regardless of age, ability, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion and socio-economic status.

This is achieved through developing programmes and opportunities for all to participate in the national game through close alignment with our governing body - the FA- via delivery of the FA National Game Strategy.

We work in accordance with the FA guidelines and sanction football in accordance with the rules of the national governing body.

Often described as grassroots football, participation in the non-professional game continues to thrive in our city which is steeped in football tradition and history across all levels of the game.

With over 3,500 teams and 30,000+ participants, MCFA is responsible for providing the support structure that enables players, volunteers, coaches and referees to develop individually or as part of a club or league.

We are a service driven organisation that is determined to constantly seek ways to improve the service we provide the football family in Manchester and have a Customer Charter that outlines these commitments.

We are a progressive County FA that celebrates our history and traditions, but do not dwell on them. We are a dynamic, fast-moving and evolving organisation that is passionate about our sport and its long-term success.