FA Youth Award Module 1: Developing the Environment

Course Info

Awarded by The FA, the Youth Award - Module 1 provides candidates with an opportunity to greatly enhance their knowledge and confidence in developing young football players between five and 11-years of age.

The award will focus as much on the ‘HOW’ a coach works with a young player as it is about ‘WHAT’ they are coaching. 

  • Minimum Age: 16-years
  • Course Duration: 32 hours contact time
  • Price: £150 Per Candidate
  • Frequency: Approximately one per quarter
  • Pre-requisites: FA Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football or FA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football or Qualified Teacher (QTS)

Who is this course for?

This course is open to anyone over the age of 16 and is aimed at all coaches or teachers at all levels who wish to enhance their skills, knowledge and understanding of coaching younger players in what is widely recognised as the most important age group (5-11 yrs) in the development of football players.

The course is especially beneficial if you coach or teach this age group and should you wish to progress, is the first step to further youth specific course opportunities via the FA Youth Awards – Modules 2 & 3 or an FA Level 2 Coaching qualification.        

What can I expect from the course?

32 hours in duration, the course is typically delivered across four days and involves both theoretical and practical elements.

This is the first course that looks specifically at the child and where they are developmentally in respect of the ‘four corners’ (Physical, Psychological, Technical and Social) before creating football coaching sessions through a number of exciting new activities tailored to the child.

This course marks a progressive change in coaching philosophy, creating a truly player centred approach to the coaching and development of your young players.  

On completion of the course, you will be able to: 

  • Understand the importance of a player's social behaviours and how it links with the ‘four corners’ model 
  • How players learn
  • Motivate & improve self esteem
  • Managing mistakes
  • Managing physical, technical, psychological and social differences
  • Planning activity

Practical elements of the course will provide an introduction to: 

  • Fundamental warm-ups (Physical corner)
  • Practical activities & games

How do I book?

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Want more information?

Please email Coach Education Officer James Longdin by clicking HERE or call 0161 225 1966.