UPDATE: Player Registration


Player Registration for the 2017/18 season on the Whole Game System (WGS) has been a hot topic within the area.

Manchester FA has been working closely with leagues and clubs to discuss the benefits of using the WGS for 'Player Registration' for the 2017/18 season. Currently 12 Manchester FA Leagues have confirmed their intention to use the WGS for their league registrations from next season. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Secure storage of all player records.

  • Records updated annually.

  • Efficient club discipline management.

  • Use of FA Number (FAN) to create individual records.

  • Better information held for each club.

  • Manchester FA football development planning.

A total of 2989 players have been registered from 225 Manchester FA Clubs since the rollout in November 2016. March is a pivotal month as underlined in our communications sent out to all clubs at the start of 2017. Manchester FA are keen to ensure all clubs have registered all players on the WGS by the end of March to support the rollout of Player Registration during the summer months.

AFC Stanley Club Secretary, Helen Hirst has registered her players on the WGS and stated; "It was an easy process to work through each age group to apply their details to the Club Players and then assign the teams to them."

Helen also went on to add; "It took less than five minutes to create the players and then a few further minutes to assign the team, which can be done as one, not necessarily individually. Within five days all 170 players were registered on the WGS."

Manchester FA continues to offer an assigned Player Registration Project Officer (Andy Dyson) to support clubs with the rollout and can be contacted on:

M: 07826946632
E: WGSSupport@manchesterfa.com

For more information, click HERE.