Football for all

Manchester County FA has a great history not only of supporting disabled youth and adult players, but also signposting those with ability to the FA’s disability talent programmes.

We also acknowledge the barriers that those with a disability can sometimes face and have tailored our objectives around meeting these challenges.

Our objectives

  1. Support existing partners to provide more local, sustainable playing opportunities
  2. Engage with non-traditional football partners
  3. Increase participation in both the male and female game
  4. Increase enjoyment of those playing in Greater Manchester in an environment where players feel comfortable and safe.

To achieve these aims, MCFA emloys full-time Disability Officer John Hurst whose remit it is to grow and sustain participation within disability football.

John has previously worked as Get into Football Consultant and Social Inclusion Coordinator and has a full understanding of both the opportunities and challenges within disability football.

How you can get involved 

  1. Play in a recreational session
  2. Contact and join a club
  3. Play in the Greater Manchester Ability Counts PAN Disability League

Want more information? 

Keep up-to-date with all disability on-goings in Manchester by following our disability-specific account HERE.

Alternatively, please email Disability Officer John Hurst by clicking HERE or call 0161 225 1966.