Staying involved

More and more people are looking to continue playing football into their mid-thirties and beyond. This could be to keep fit, play with friends or prove they still ‘have it’!

Opportunities for players aged 35 and over are a growing area for football. Due to work, family commitments and a whole host of other constraints, players of a certain age often want a format of football that differs from the traditional 11-a-side game. This could be small-sided, a modified pitch or simply rolling substitutions.

There are also opportunities for you to get involved in 'FA Mars Just Play' sessions which can help you get match fit before you commit to a more competitive format! 

We currently have the following vets league affiliated to Manchester County FA:
Tameside Football League
Chadderton Park Veterans League

If you would like to start playing the Veterans version of the game for a local team, please visit our 'Club Finder'. If you need any support in joining a veteren's team, or you would like to create a new team, please contact our Growth & Retention team on 0161 203 2990 (option 2), or email them: Just Play Officers - Daniel Pilling -, Jamie Blood -