Promotion FAQ

Do you want to climb the ladder?

Do you want to officiate in a higher standard of football? Want to know more about the promotion structure that can take you as far as the professional game provided you have the ability? Do you want to realise your full potential as a referee? Read on!

Who can apply?

  • To be considered for promotion you need to be aged 16 or over – there is no age limit thereafter and is open to both male and female referees.
  • You must be prepared to referee in open age football.

When does the promotion season start?

  • The promotion season commences on 1 March and ends on the 28 February in the year following.

How do I take the first step from moving from a Level 7 to Level 6 referee?

  • If you wish to become a Level 6 referee you must serve at least one season at Level 7 before being eligible for promotion.
  • All Level 5-7 referees will be sent an email from Referee Development Manager David Coote inviting you to join the promotion process for the following season.
  • You will then have one month to apply in writing.

What happens after that?

  • You will be invited to a full day promotion seminar in the close season where the full promotion process will be explained
  • Following the seminar you then decide formally whether you wish to go ahead with your application – this will also include taking a referee examination to confirm your knowledge of the laws of the game.

How is promotion decided upon?

  • Promotion is decided through assessments completed by MCFA assessors, attendance at further training events, successful completion of a test on the laws of the game and a satisfactory average club mark achieved in at least 20 matches of open age competitive football during the marking period. Other factors including administration and availability are also taken into account.

Is there a cost for this service?

  • All promotion applicants will be asked to pay the fees paid to the assessors – this normally equates to less than a match fee and full details will be provided at the seminar.

What if I want to continue on the promotion pathway the following season?

  • The same criteria apply for promotion to Level 5 with an expected higher level of competency demonstrated within the assessment process. Your personal administration with acceptance of appointments and closing dates when you are not available also assume a much higher importance. You also need to complete 5 appointments as a neutral assistant referee in order to gain promotion. 

Want to know more or have any questions?

Please contact Referee Development Officer Chris Kavanagh on 0161 203 2990 (opt 2).