Board & Staff

BOARD OF DIRECTORS & Our game in manchester chairs

John McLellan-Grant (Executive Director & Chair of the Board), Elliot Ward (Senior Non-Executive Director & Marketing and Comms Champion), Colin Bridgford (Director & Company Secretary)

Chris Armstrong (Independent Non-Executive Director & Health and Wellbeing Champion), Karen Bardsley (Independent Non-Executive Director & Women and Girls Board Champion), Will Blandamer (Independent Non-Executive Director & Safeguarding Board Champion), Rebecca Britain (Executive Director & Professional Game Lead), Dan Jones (Independent Non-Executive Director, Finance & Risk Lead), Anika Leslie-Walker (Independent Non-Executive Director & Equality and Diversity Lead), Geraldine Ryan (Independent Non-Executive Director & Compliance and Legal Lead)

FA Representative: Colin Bridgford 

Paul Graham (Referee Development Team)
Shannon Howarth (Women & Girls Group)
Keith Marsden (League Working Group)
Rob Goodwin-Davey (Competitions Working Group)



Colin Bridgford

Chief Executive Officer & Senior Safeguarding Lead

Supports: Manchester United

Role: To lead the Manchester FA team and ensure the business represents the needs of its members. 


Lauren McCorry

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Supports: Manchester United

Role: To act as a source of advice on safeguarding matters. But also support training and education. 


Rachael Birchall 

Chief Operating Officer

: Bedford Town

Role: To deliver a Football Development Strategy and develop strong partnerships with key stakeholders.


Linda Meehan

Finance Controller

Supports: Manchester United

Role: To manage the finance across the whole of the business and ensure it is financially sound. 



Kathryn smith

Football Development Manager

Supports: Leeds United

Role: To lead our team of Football Development Officers, including Clubs & Leagues, Referees, Coaches, Women & Girls, Male & Disability Pathways.

Joe Mathias

Football Development Officer (Clubs & Leagues)

Supports: Manchester United

Role: To support the development of Manchester FA registered Clubs & Leagues


Georgie Oliver

Facility Development Officer

Supports: Leicester City

Role: To strategically support the development of football facilities across Greater Manchester


Nicole Flynn

Women's Recreational Officer

Supports: Celtic

Role: To provide opportunities to enhance recreational football provision for Women across Greater Manchester.

Conor Brown

Referee Development Officer

Supports: Rochdale AFC

Role: To support, recruit, retain and develop Manchester FA Match Officials 


James Longdin

Coach Development Officer

Supports: Manchester City

Role: To support and development the Grassroots coaching network across Greater Manchester. 


Leigh Gell

Football Development Officer (Women & Girls)

Supports: Arsenal

Role: To strategically support the development and opportunities of the Women & Girls Game in Greater Manchester




paul Roots

Football Services Manager & Deputy Senior Safeguarding Lead

Supports: AFC Bournemouth

Role: To lead our team of Football Services Officers, including the discipline, competitions, referee appointments, regulations and customer services functions of Manchester FA.



Matt Wood

Content & Media Officer

Supports: Derby County

Role: To operationally manage Manchester FA marketing & communications channels including, newsletters, social media content & website.

Andy McAnulty

Football Services Officer (Discipline & Membership)

Supports: Hyde United

Role: Administers all aspects of Manchester  FA discipline cases. 


Dan Sykes

Football Services Officer (Appointments & Membership)

Supports: Salford City

Role: To coordinate and appoint Manchester FA registered match officials to our County Cup competitions & Professional Academy Programmes. 


Aimee Cook

Football Services Officer (Competitions & Membership)

Supports: Manchester City

Role: To operationally manager our County Cup Competitions whilst also supporting and developing member clubs and leagues in Greater Manchester. 


Simon Dear

Football Services Officer (Membership & Compliance)

Supports: Manchester City

Role: To operationally support Manchester FA members with safeguarding compliance including DBS verifications & safeguarding education.

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