Repeat subs

Repeat substitutions approved

Roll on, roll off subs offered to all leagues

Changes to Laws of the Game

The repeat substitutions rule may be offered by all grassroots leagues outside of the National League System as of the 2015/16 season.

Following a successful pilot that was aided by the support of a number of our own MCFA leagues, the International Football Association Board has now approved the use of repeat substitutions (roll on, roll off) and confirmed that all leagues will be permitted to adopt the rule as of 2015/16.

With the repeat substitutions pilot concluding at the end of the 2014/15 season, any necessary changes by leagues wishing to adopt the rule would need to be submitted prior to a league AGM. The repeat substitutions rule will be available for all leagues at grassroots level via the Standard Code of Rules for 2015/16.‎

The new rule is optional for all leagues and any decision to adopt the rule must be made by the league and its members. If a league chooses to do adopt this new rule it should be detailed in their 2015/16 rules that are voted on and adopted at the AGM.

If the league has not previously used the 'roll on, roll off' rule it will mean that a rule change will need to be effected as per league rules. This rule would become effective from July 2015.

Want more information?

If you require any clarity on the changes, please contact Discipline, Regulations & Sanctions Manager Richard Cooper by calling 0161 225 1966 or email by clicking HERE.

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