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England Football Accreditation

Take the lead. Set the tempo. Raise the roof.

England Football Accredited is


Take the lead. Set the tempo. Raise the roof. 

England Football Accredited Leagues and England Football Accredited Clubs set the standards, raise the bar and fly the flag of respect and diversity for football in England.

Being Accredited helps you attract players, coaches, and volunteers - with tailored support to build the strong, sustainable, successful league or club you want to be.

England Football Accredited Leagues and England Football Accredited Clubs lead the game by example. They’re safer, stronger, more effective and more enjoyable places to play and enjoy football.
When you’re Accredited you’re not just part of it, you’re the beating heart of it.

To speak to somebody at Manchester FA, contact:
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Accreditation FAQs

Becoming Accredited should help with making your club sustainable, resilient, and built to last. Accredited clubs will plan for the future, have good governance procedures and policies in place.

Accredited clubs also receive benefits such as free Nike footballs, kit & equipment vouchers, access to England Football Accredited branding, ticket offers, improved access to funding and investment and numerous other opportunities through The FA and Manchester FA.

England Football Accreditation is awarded to clubs that meet criteria set by The FA demonstrating they are committed to being one of the best places for people to play and enjoy football. These clubs renew their accreditation every year, so work actively to maintain these standards

Clubs can apply to become accredited at any stage of the season through the “My Club” section of the FA Clubs Portal. Once a club has met all the criteria, it is simply a case of clicking the apply for accreditation button.

For more information on applying for accreditation and meeting all the criteria please click here.

Accredited Clubs are required to renew their Accreditation every season to ensure they continue to meet the required standards. This is completed with the FA Clubs portal and you can find all the information you require on our Renewals page here.

Accredited Leagues uphold standards by working with their member clubs to achieve and retain England Football Accredited status. They recognise the benefits of England Football Accreditation in producing well run, sustainable clubs and the impact of this on football. They also produce a league delivery plan to help with their future planning and continuing to offer the best opportunities to teams, players and coaches within their league.

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