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England Football Accreditation Renewal

Renew your commitment to provide the best possible football experience.

Every season England Football Accredited clubs are asked to renew their commitment to being accredited and review their details to ensure they still meet the criteria. This helps clubs measure their progress against their development plans, check their policies and that best practice is still being delivered and met. By renewing your accreditation, you are reaffirming your desire to offer the best possible environment and opportunities for your members to enjoy football.

How to Renew

Accreditation Renewals take place in the FA Clubs Portal between November and March. Club secretaries or committee members simply need to log in to clubs and navigate to Accreditation under the “My Club” section to access and submit their renewal.

Clubs need to make sure they still meet the criteria for four sections: Club, Officials, Documents and Pathways. There is a complete guide on this process and how to action any incomplete criteria available for download below.

Why should my club renew?

As a reward for maintain your club’s accredited status, you will receive free Nike footballs, kit vouchers and continued access to the England Football Accredited branding for your kits, clubhouse, websites etc. Accredited clubs also received improved access to funding, opportunities and ticket offers from The FA and Manchester FA. Most importantly, renewing helps your club maintain its high standards and continue to offer the best experience to your members.

Club Development Plans

One of the key areas for clubs to consider is their club development plan. This should be reviewed periodically with any progress or actions added to gauge and measure progress against your goals.

We know no club is the same and as a result the goals and ambitions of a club will vary greatly. Not every club wants to run 40+ teams and not every club wants to win promotion and rise up the pyramid; your plan will be tailored to fit the goals of your club.

To help with this, we have a series of templates, guidance notes and examples you can use to create your club development plan available opposite.

Manchester FA Renewal Support

We're here to help

If your club is not ready to submit, actioning some of the incomplete items may seem like a lot of work but help is at hand. We are here to support and assist your club with completing any outstanding criteria and getting your club in a position to renew and retain your Accredited Status.

Throughout the renewal window we will be offering a series of workshops, drop in sessions and one-to-one support for clubs completing their renewal. To request additional support please complete one of the following forms or email support@manchestefa.com

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