The FA's delivery partner, the Football Foundation oversee the annual funding process for Grow the Game.

Grow the Game

Delivered by the Football Foundation.

What is the 'Grow the Game' Funding Scheme?

Each year in partnership with The Football Foundation, the FA nationally via County FA’s launch a funding scheme called Grow the Game.

The scheme is launched primarily at the beginning of the year (mid to end of January) and is open for applications for approximately 4–8 weeks. During this period any club wishing to apply must contact Manchester FA beforehand to indicate their interest.

The funding pot is designed to help clubs generate new team provision over a three year period and the funding can be used for a number of outputs including:

Coach Development & Education League Membership
Referees Fees Kit (depending on age-group)
Facility Hire Plus other areas to help the team be more sustainable.

The funding available is £1,500 per new team and a club can bid for four new teams any one time. This means you can apply for a maximum of £6,000.

In the last few windows there have been stipulations of who can apply. As an example the Football Foundation have suggested that new 14+ teams in both the male and female game along with disability teams would be a priority. This is subject to change by the Football Foundation and not Manchester FA.

If successful, then the club in question then cannot apply for the funding for the duration of the current successful fund, which is over a three year term, but then can apply again.

Every year the successful clubs will be contacted in May/June to accept the terms and conditions of the funding stream.

There is a continual yearly 'Monitoring & Evaluation' process of the projects from the Football Foundation, this usually includes highlighting proof of any spend on the project via invoices from The FA in regards to Coach Development courses and venue hire receipts.

If the Football Foundation see that the project is not hitting the targets needed then there is the possibility that a reclaim of the funding can happen.

Successes in Greater Manchester

Within the most recent funding window clubs in Greater Manchester were successful in securing over £84,000 worth of funding to develop new provision and teams. This equates to 56 new teams at various age groups over the next three years.

Manchester FA has supported these applications throughout and will continue to arrange support evenings across various sites to help clubs with the funding process.

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To speak to somebody at Manchester FA, contact:
0161 225 1966

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