A Walking Football player shoots in the FA People's Cup in Manchester.

Stepping Out Initiative

The FA is developing a ‘Stepping Out’ initiative that plans to support the growth of Walking Football.

The FA is developing a ‘Stepping Out’ initiative that plans to support the growth of Walking Football.

Walking Football is a variant of the sport which aims to keep people over 50 involved in the game.

It is open to both Men and Women who want to play at a slower pace – the game was designed to help the Over 50s rekindle their love of the beautiful game and increase health and well being.

With the format having spread nationally, the FA are hoping that the success of Walking Football can inspire it to greater growth with a new vision.

With the FA Mars Just Play programme and FA People’s Cup already helping many into walking football, the ‘Stepping Out’ plan aims to build on those foundations.

And here at Manchester FA, we will aim to follow the pathway at a County level across Greater Manchester by ensuring that Walking Football is engaging and welcoming to everyone who wants to get involved here in the local area. 

“We want to create a solid infrastructure for walking football, based around common laws of the game which everyone uses,” said FA Chairman Greg Clarke.

“In many ways, it’s no different to the aims of the founding fathers of The FA back in 1863. At the time, there were various versions of the game being played. Producing one set of rules and having one governing body allowed the game to flourish – and it’s done so ever since.

“Our hopes are exactly the same for walking football. Not to curb individual initiatives to grow the game, but to give it – literally – a national footing to co-ordinate its spectacular opportunity to grow exponentially.”

Weekly sessions take place at Manchester FA’s headquarters, based at the Manchester Tennis and Football Centre, which is located at Etihad Camps.

Our address is: Sportcity, Gate 2, Manchester, M11 3FF.

For more information, please contact Steve Edwards, our Disability Football Development Officer, on Steven.Edwards@ManchesterFA.com 

What are the benefits to Walking Football?

If you fancy getting involved with Walking Football in the Greater Manchester area, there are several reasons why you should consider giving it a go.

Rules have been adapted to suit the needs of those who participate, so there is no running involved, very little contact and instead of throw-ins, kick-ins are implemented.

Participants can play at their own pace, and while it was designed for older players, Walking Football is an ideal way for people with mobility issues, or those returning from a long-term injury, to rediscover their enjoyment for playing football.

Walking Football is a fantastic way to keep fit and maintain an active social life.

Where I Can Play?

Unsure where you can get involved in Walking Football?

Here’s a full list of centres offering Walking Football, in Map form.

For more information and to see where you can play,

Click Here To Play

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