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Nike TEAM 2018 Catalogue is here, 30% off on Kitlocker.com

The Nike TEAM 2018 catalogue is now live on Kitlocker.com, as a Manchester FA Club, enjoy another 5% off Kitlocker.com using the code MANCHESTER5 until the end of March.

This year marks a change for Nike, bringing forward the Nike TEAM catalogue from March to January, bringing with it plenty of new ranges, products and match shirts. 2018 marks the return of the Academy Range, as well as the all-new Park Range and a dedicated Women’s Range

In this article, we’ll focus on Nike’s brand new match kits, these being:

Challenge II: Nike’s statement jersey, worn by a host of top European clubs in the 2017/18 season. You’ll have probably seen the likes of Manchester City, Barcelona and Chelsea donning the Challenge II as their third jersey. The design of the shirt is breathtaking, so much so that the embossed graphic has been used throughout Nike’s catalogue for 2018. 

The subtle design which comes in three colourways, white, black and red, gives the wearer an opportunity to pair the shirt with a more detailed short, this being the Nike League Knit Short, complete with a vertical stripe down either side. Alternatively, pair it with the Park II Knit Short if you’re on a budget. 

We’re sure that any Manchester FA clubs wearing the Challenge II this season will be turning heads next season. 

Striped Division III: Nike’s effort at a striped match shirt is back, with one major change which plagued it’s use previously in the world of grassroots football. The back of some of the colour styles last year was black, which stopped it being used across a number of Football Associations. This year, Nike have 10 colourways, all of which can be used for next season.

Favourites return, blue and white, red and white & the ever present black and green. The discreet neck detail is a welcome addition, matching the colour of the swoosh. The jersey has a much more premium feel, without the expected cost. Prices for the short sleeve version start from as little as £12.71, with the long sleeve version £13.46. 

Tiempo Premier & Park Derby II: Whilst the Park Derby makes it’s return for a second generation, the Tiempo Premier makes it’s debut, and what a debut it is expected to have.  

At Manchester FA, we’re happy to see a jersey such as the Tiempo enter the Nike catalogue this year, striking the perfect balance between price, quality and design. Coming in an impressive 12 colourways, in both short and long sleeve, we should be seeing plenty of teams kitted out in the Tiempo at Summer tournaments, next season and beyond. You’ll be pleased to know that the Tiempo starts at £9.71 in Youth Short Sleeve, making it more accessible for clubs that are on a tighter budget. 

Looking at the design of the Tiempo, it oozes class, subtlety and performance. The shirt is cut for an athletic fit, with a v-neck design and mesh paneling for additional breathability. The embossed ribbed design on the front of the shirt is an added bonus, along with the secondary stripe down either side of the garment.

For those familiar with the old Nike Park Derby shirt, the Derby II is very different, with Nike opting for a solid body with secondary colours on both the shoulders and cuffs. Whilst we’re big fans of the revamped design, it’s the colourways that are particularly striking. Whilst every design is somewhat unique, there are a certain few which standout. Royal Blue/Red is an almost French national team level of class, whilst the White/Gold colourway looks like a special edition title winning kit. It’s also pleasing to see Claret/Blue return, two colours synonymous with grassroot clubs across the country. 
With the shirt coming in at £10.46 for Youth Short Sleeve, we expect to see it used for both matchday and training sessions. 

To wrap up, this year’s match kit offering from Nike is unequivocally positive. Four completely new designs, a host of different colour options and prices which start extremely low mean Nike will continue their dominance across grassroots football for a little while longer.

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