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Manchester FA partner with professional football’s medical representative body

Manchester FA has secured an exciting new partnership with FMPA.

Manchester FA has secured an exciting new partnership with FMPA, the representative body for medicine and performance practitioners in professional football.

The arrangement provides vital connectivity for the grassroots game in Greater Manchester, to experienced industry professionals who specialise in the treatment of football-related injuries. Members consist of doctors, physiotherapists, sports scientists, sports therapists and soft tissue therapists as well as allied healthcare practitioners such as dentists, podiatrists, nutritionists and psychologists. The partnership delivers:

  • Access to experienced medical practitioners who have worked in the professional game
  • Knowledge sharing and support from industry professionals who are trusted and specialise in football-related injuries
  • Efficient critical and non-critical injury support to Manchester FA members

 As part of the arrangement, Manchester FA has also pledged to financially support any member who suffers a critical injury whilst participating in sanctioned football. We will cover the cost of the initial consultation with an FMPA professional, through Fund4Football; the income generated through discipline fines across each season.

 Joel Buckle, Business Development Manager at Manchester FA, explains: “This partnership is a fantastic move forwards as we, as a county FA, look to support our members with world-class specialists through the FMPA network.

 Unfortunately, critical and non-critical injuries do happen in football and we recognise this; however we want to ensure that any person who suffers an injury is in the safest hands possible. The FMPA practitioners have worked at the highest levels of the game and want to ultimately see an individual back on the pitch.

 We wanted to support this partnership by going one step further and using our Fund4Football to cover the cost of a critical injury initial consultation with an FMPA member, to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to receive the best care by those who know the game.”

 The FMPA, who sit alongside the League Managers Association (LMA) & the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) in representing their members within the game, will guarantee that any individual suffering a critical injury during sanctioned football will have the opportunity to see an FMPA member. From the moment Manchester FA is notified, the player will be contacted by a practitioner within 24 hours and will be offered the most appropriate appointment time that suits their individual needs. Critical injuries include the following:

  • Broken Bones – Legs, Collar, Arms, Cheek, Jaw, Skull, Hip and/or Foot (excluding fingers & toes)
  • Primary Dislocation benefit – Kneecap, Shoulder, Elbow, Hip or Ankle
  • Snapped/Ruptured Achilles Tendon or Cruciate Ligament (requiring surgery)

Angela Walton, Project Manager at FMPA, adds: “Both ourselves and our members are delighted to be working with Manchester FA. Our practitioners are happy to give something back to the game by ensuring that injured players will have the best chance of returning to play as soon as possible.

 We have an expanding network of practitioners on the FMPA register nationally, including within the Greater Manchester area, with this growing every week. As soon as we are notified by Manchester FA of an injury, we will connect an experienced practitioner with the individual who will either arrange a home visit or private practice consultation at the most appropriate time for the player’s needs.

 It is then completely up to the injured individual if they wish to continue treatment with the practitioner or not with no obligation to continue to do so.”

 FMPA practitioners will also provide quarterly content on medical news and advice that will be shared on Manchester FA social media channels and attend our multiple events across the year. For more information on the FMPA, please visit their website.

 If you suffer a critical or non-critical injury at a game, please contact us on 0161 225 1966, after seeking immediate medical attention (if required). Within 24 hours of you notifying us, we will work with the FMPA to source the best possible support for your injury.

For those suffering critical injuries, Manchester FA will then liaise directly with the practitioner selected ahead of your initial consultation to cover the cost of this, eliminating any initial financial concerns so you can focus on your injury treatment and returning to full health.

 For more information or if you have any further queries, please contact us on 0161 225 1996 or email