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Monthly Spotlight July is Discipline Month

We will focus our sixth spotlight of the year on an essential role of a County FA, Discipline and Regulations.

During the month of July, we will focus our sixth spotlight of the year on an essential role of a County FA, Discipline and Regulations. 

Over the month we will showcase the hard work that goes into monitoring discipline and up keeping the Laws of the Game to support a positive playing environment for all players, whilst celebrating the continual progress being made in this area. 

We will also take a look back at the 2018/19 season and understand the discipline picture in Manchester and speak to clubs who have turned around their discipline records to create a more respectful and positive environment at their club. 

Manchester FA is the only County FA in the country that reinvests its discipline money back directly back into the grassroots game, so across July we’ll be showing examples of where this funding has helped grassroots clubs and volunteers continue to grow the game in Manchester. 

Finally, later in the month, more information on the Temporary Dismissal rule (Sin Bins) and law changes coming into the game in 2019/20 will be shared by Manchester FA and The FA. 

Business Operations Manager, Paul Roots, explains: “As a County FA, we work hard to make sure that all areas of our work are understood by the grassroots game, with discipline being the area that many people first think of when they think of a County FA.

“Discipline and regulations exist to ensure the standards of the game remain high and that players feel protected in a respectful environment and so we want to shine a positive spotlight on discipline and regulations to show the many facets of this.”

“This will include what we are doing to bring discipline rates down, how the discipline and hearings process works, along with what happens with the revenue that comes in from fines.”

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