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2019/20 Grassroots Survey Announced by The FA

The Football Association [The FA] has today announced its annual survey for participants in Manchester to provide feedback on the grassroots football provision in the local area. 

Players, coaches, parents, supporters, volunteers, referees, club and league officials across Manchester now have the opportunity to highlight areas where they require support, suggest areas for improvement and outline the impact of particular campaigns or schemes. 

Since the online survey was originally launched, the responses of more than 100,000 grassroots participants have helped to inform the decision making and allocation of resources by The FA and respective County FAs. Results from the 2018/19 edition identified five key areas – both on and off the pitch – where a renewed focus is required:

1. Identify the resources and tools that clubs need the most support with 
2. Foster the right experience for participants at this level of the game
3. Encourage young people to stay active in different roles across the game 
4. Ensure the RESPECT campaign has a positive impact on all participants 
5. Adapt to the changing nature of modern grassroots football 

From the 2018/19 Grassroots survey, you said:
“There isn’t enough Coach Education opportunities”
“The FA just fine us and don’t give us any support”
“We don’t hear anything from the County FA or see them at our games”

After hearing your views, we did:

Offered 584 Level 1 spaces, 120 Level 2 spaces, 24 UEFA B spaces, and welcomed 75 coaches along to our first annual Coaches Conference

Continued offering our Fund4Football, making all money taken from fines available as grants in October and May, awarding £9,228 in the season, part of a total of £50,256.65 reinvested over four seasons

Introduced a monthly newsletter for all Charter Standard Clubs and Leagues, and increased our club visits by 119%

Colin Bridgford, Manchester FA’s Chief Executive Officer, said: "The grassroots survey is a wonderful opportunity for everyone connected with grassroots within Manchester to share with us their views of grassroots football. We would positively encourage everyone involved in grassroots, be that a coach, a club and or league official, a helper, parent or spectator, a match official and of course those who play the game to share with us their views of football. The annual survey is now live until the 8th November 2019 and this is a crucial resource which will enable us to action views to improve 'Our Game in Manchester". 


For further information, please contact: 

Callum Convery
Project Coordinator
0161 225 1966