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MFA Volunteer Platform

Helping to connect clubs and leagues with volunteers across Greater Manchester.

Football is our national game and here at Manchester FA, we want you to get involved. We believe in connecting passionate individuals to the grassroots game through the right opportunity, helping you to make a huge difference in your community through football.

We’re delighted to announce as our platform to help organisations to advertise voluntary opportunities, and to help volunteers find opportunities that are suitable to them.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are the life and soul of our community and without their continued efforts to make things happen, grassroots football would simply not exist.

Volunteering within a grassroots club or league, can provide you with first-hand experience in a range of areas including event management, media and communications, coaching, administration and much more. 

As well as making a positive contribution to your community and developing your skillset, research has shown that volunteering can also help to improve your physical, social and mental-wellbeing.

Where can I find opportunities?

To get started on our platform, please sign up here

Once registered you’ll be able to browse and apply for local opportunities within football.

Who can get involved?

We would welcome any volunteer regardless of their experience, as we believe there really is something for everyone the most important thing is wanting to be a part of it! Opportunities can range from a few hours on ad-hoc basis, to more regular weekly commitments so can choose ones that are more suitable for your lifestyle.

Please note, the minimum age to volunteer through the volunteer platform is 18 years old.

I am a club/league, where can I advertise for volunteers?

If you are a Manchester FA member club or league then you can register your organisation here and advertise your opportunities to prospective volunteers across Greater Manchester.

To find out more information on the volunteer platform, please contact