Close-up shot of the Manchester FA logo.

Commercial and Event Partners Required

Manchester FA is seeking a partner or partner organisations to deliver our Commercial and Event Strategy.

We are the home of grassroots football in Greater Manchester committed to developing opportunities for all in a safe and fun environment.  As a passionate, inspiring and professional organisation we are seeking a partner or partner organisations to help develop and deliver our commercial proposition and in doing so will be responsible for the recruitment of partner organisations who will provide financial sponsorship that will enable us to further unite and inspire grassroots football across Greater Manchester.  

Manchester FA is a ‘not for profit’ organisation responsible for participation growth and the development of volunteers across Greater Manchester.  We are committed to reinvesting directly back into our membership across football in Greater Manchester and recognise the need to seek external investment to support our purpose and vision.

We are now seeking support from those that share our vision and have a proven track record in delivering return on investment and can clearly demonstrate a commitment to our grassroots footballing community.

Manchester FA is looking to recruit a dynamic organisation that we will outsource responsibility for the recruitment of new partners / sponsors.  The selected partner/partner organisations will be supported by the Manchester FA team, in particular the Chief Executive Officer to develop the required content and pitches to potential partners.  We are also looking for partner or persons to deliver our event strategy and support and coordinate current and future events.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in grassroots football in Greater Manchester and to be involved in one of the FA’s most well-respected forward-thinking County FA’s. We are prepared to make sure that there are competitive financial provisions in place for such willing partners.  

If you are interested to find out more about Manchester FA and this opportunity then please do contact our Chief Executive Officer, Colin Bridgford, or on 07403 731 813.  Colin will be able to provide you with more information on the process of application and also clarity on our Commercial / Events strategy and the financial returns that we are seeking.