FA Club Football Forum

Free webinar service for all clubs launched by FA

FA Club Football Forum

The FA is set to launch a series of webinars which will provide free, online support for clubs of all shapes and sizes. 

The FA Club Football Forum will allow volunteers to access relevant content at the comfort of their own home. Sessions will be led by an expert on the topic co presented by volunteers from clubs, who will share their story and experiences around the topic.  There will be an open discussion towards the end of the webinar, with volunteers encouraged to ask questions around the topic to both the ‘expert’ and the club.

One topic per month will be discussed, with each session running between 20:00 and 21:00. The days on which courses are held will vary, however, and will be communicated at the end of each webinar.

Topics to be discussed will be as varied as developing a club vision, managing your club’s finances, and tips on how to deliver a winning sports project.

All clubs and leagues stand to benefit from an extra helping hand – so sign up to the FA Club Football Forum below!

FA Club Football Forum