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Leagues Conference brings together officials from across the city

Manchester FA’s Leagues Conference took place earlier this week

Manchester FA brought officials together for a night of discussion, debate and advice

The second annual Leagues Conference took place at Curzon Ashton’s Tameside Stadium earlier this week. In attendance were Chairs, Secretaries and Treasurers, as well as other senior officials from Manchester FA’s member leagues.

Sarah Cummings, Manchester FA’s Football Development Officer for Clubs and Leagues, explained the significance of the evening, saying:

 “There are a variety of league structures in existence across Manchester. Having the opportunity to bring together the people who make these leagues happen, under one roof, is invaluable.

“Ultimately, it is the experiences of these people, and the feedback they provide us, which helps us to grow the game in Manchester, as well as making it a more enjoyable experience for those already involved in the game.

“I’d personally like to thank everyone who came along to the Tameside Stadium for the Leagues Conference – the discussion and debate was extremely valuable, and I hope that each committee took something away to benefit the delivery of their respective leagues..”

If you’d like to learn more about club and league development with Manchester FA, please get in touch with Sarah!