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Open Letter to Manchester FA Members

Important update to all involved in grassroots football across Greater Manchester from Manchester FA CEO, Colin Bridgford

Dear Manchester FA Member, 

Communication sent on Friday 18th September 2020

As you embark on a weekend of fixtures, I’m writing to you as CEO to inform you of local government updates that have been brought to my attention.  

With rising Covid-19 prevalence across Greater Manchester, the risk to the postponement of grassroots football is becoming increasingly prominent. However, at this point in time there is a collective commitment locally to allow the game to continue in accordance with The FA’s guidance.

We must stress that in order for the game to continue for the benefit of the health and well-being of its participants, the relevant FA Return to Football Guidance must be strictly followed at all times; a comprehensive list of our guidance can be found here. Please be reminded that the FA guidance is only in place whilst in the football environment and as soon as this is finished local restrictions must be strictly adhered to. 

One of the key concerns being shared with me relates to Spectators; It is imperative that all Spectators maintain social distancing and government restrictions are always followed.  For absolute clarity, spectators must remain socially distanced and in discrete groups of no more than 6 and these groups must not mix under any circumstances.

Covid-19 legislation has been updated nationwide and should there be non-conformity to the governments restrictions then you will be subject to local enforcement orders and possible fines.

My plea to you is that leagues, clubs, parents, players, match officials and spectators all have a responsibility to keep our game safe. There is a significant threat and growing concern that football could be forced to suspend activity if we don’t play our part in adhering to the guidance.

We appreciate your ongoing support and ask that you remind all involved of their obligation to comply with the safety measures that are in place.  Please do view and share our short video that explains the guidance in place which can be found here.

Please do enjoy your football, and thank you for playing your part in keeping our communities safe.