Sunday Challenge Shield Final

Match Report: Sunday Challenge Shield

Avenue lift the Manchester FA Sunday Challenge Shield

The Manchester FA’s Sunday Challenge Shield Final between Avenue and Queens Bredbury took place on 18th March at Ewen Fields.

Congratulations to Avenue who came our winners after a 7-1 victory in a game that was thouroughly entertaining - on the field of play. 

However this was unfortunately overshadowed by the disappointing behaviour of a number of travelling supporters associated with both clubs. On what should have been an enjoyable night for all in attendance, it resulted in damaged property, abusive behaviour, two incursions onto the field of play and Police presence to restore the peace at the ground. There presence was requested to support our stewarding team in ensuring that everyone left the ground safely.

Manchester FA will not tolerate behaviour of this nature which ultimately spoils the event for those involved for the right reasons - and continues to liaise with the Cheshire FA, Lancashire FA and Greater Manchester Police to ascertain the appropriate action that is to be taken.


A selection of images from photographer Ben Stiff can be found below