Heart Safe

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Heart Safe Charter

MFA has teamed up with BHF to create a Heart Safe Charter to help look after the health & wellbeing of local football communities.

This collaboration forms part of Manchester FA’s wider ‘Heart Safe’ plan which highlights the need for football clubs in the area to work together to ensure that defibrillators are available to everyone involved in the game.

The initiative will raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a defibrillator and public access to it as well as ensuring volunteers within local football clubs are trained in basic CPR and first aid in the event an emergency, such as a cardiac arrest, should happen.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is proud to work in partnership with Manchester FA who have committed over the next five years to educate, help raise awareness and also raise much-needed funds and roll out RevivR across their organisation.

The money raised by Manchester FA will help the BHF fund vital research into heart and circulatory diseases like heart attacks, stroke and vascular dementia, and the risk factors that can cause them, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Since forming in 1961, the charity has funded research that has contributed to lifesaving breakthroughs such as heart transplants, pacemakers, portable defibrillators, and valve replacements.

Despite the huge progress made, heart and circulatory conditions are still the world’s biggest killers - and every three minutes in the UK, a family loses a loved one to a heart or circulatory disease.

Nicole Quirk, Fundraising Manager at the BHF said:

“We are honoured that Manchester FA have chosen to support us and help fund the scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow. For more than 60 years, we have funded research that has turned ideas that once seemed like 'science fiction' into treatments and cures that save lives every day. But millions of people are still waiting for the next breakthrough. It is only thanks to the generous support of organisations like the Manchester FA that we can keep research going and discover the treatments and cures of the future.”

Colin Bridgford, CEO of Manchester FA comments: 

"Manchester FA are committed to developing an action plan for any club wishing to work towards the Charter but do not fulfil all the requirements currently. Our aim is to make grassroots football across Greater Manchester a safer place for everyone."

Manchester FA’s Heart Safe Charter 

The Charter will include a pledge to commit towards: 

  • Owning or locating/identifying a defib within 100m of club ground that could be used in an emergency
  • Ensuring there is a nominated ‘Heart Safe’ ambassador at the club
  • Ensuring defibrillator has pads in date and is monitored regularly
  • Ensuring the battery pack is charged and monitored regularly
  • Ensuring any replacements are planned an executed in a timely manner
  • Ensuring the defib is registered on The Circuit
  • Ensuring a minimum of 1 club official complete a ‘train the trainer’ course
  • Ensuring the club promote the individuals who can ‘step up, step forwards’ in the case of a cardiac emergency to promote awareness of who has previous CPR training

If your club wishes to sign up to the charter, please submit the form here