FvH x MFA x LGBT History

LGBT History Month 2024

February is LGBT+ History Month as well as Football v Homophobia action month.

In the United Kingdom, LGBT+ History Month is celebrated in February to coincide with the ending of Section 28, a piece of legislation that prevented the so-called 'promotion' of homosexuality in schools. LGBT History Month was then initiated by Schools Out UK in 2005, who are a registered charity that promotes diversity for the benefit of the public. 

Football v Homophobia campaign is celebrated during the same month with the intention to make existing football structures safe and improve representation of the LGBT+. They have put together numerous resources to use at your club to promote a safe environment for all, which can be found, HERE!

The two operations exist to challenge discrimination in the workplace, at home and in society which is based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression at all levels.

To bring awareness of diversity within football during the month of February, we spoke to Amy Janette McGregor, who is a lesbian footballer for Salford University and a content creator based in Manchester. She spoke to us about her involvement in football, what LGBT+ History Month means to her, as well as the importance of inclusivity and visibility in the game. In line with LGBT History Month's theme, Under the scope, Amy also speaks about the impact of having crohn's disease and the importance of managing this to allow her to play football.

We are always looking for ways to continue to make football a safer and inclusive place for all.

Working together as a collective, we can help eradicate bigotry and promote equal opportunities to everyone who is involved in football.