Girls Football Week playing promo.


Football...on your terms

'Flexi-Football' allows people to play football at times and places which are convenient to them. 

Whether you play with a group of mates or meet other like-minded individuals, Turn Up and Play games are a great way to stay active and social. Games can take place regularly or on an ad-hoc basis. 

Is Turn-Up and Play Football for me?

If you want to play football but can’t commit to a regular weekly game then this is for you. You can hire your own pitch and then invite friends to join you or sign up to participation apps such at Footy Addicts, who will organise the game for you. All you have to do is turn up and play. Games take place every night during the working week around Greater Manchester. There are a variety of times available during the weekend too. Prices can vary depending on the set up, but generally speaking costs work out to be less than £6 a head.

Can I turn up on my own or do I need to bring an entire team?

Generally speaking Turn-Up and Play Football is designed for individuals who feel like playing football, right now or this week. The Footy Addicts website advertises how many spaces are available for advertised games, meaning you can arrive on your own or bring friends depending on how many spaces are available.