A shot is taken in a Veterans FA People's Cup match.

Veterans Football

For the experienced players...

We know many people want to keep playing football for as long as possible, that's why veterans football has become more and more popular in recent years.

Veterans football provides an opportunity to stay involved in the game, still providing that competitive element for players looking to keep playing or get back into football. Age minimums can vary league-to-league but in general most competitions start at 35+ years. Games are played both on weekends and during the week and may be played fortnightly rather than every week to fit around player's schedule and limited availability.

Is Veterans Football for me?

Veterans football provides an opportunity for those who are either looking to transition from traditional teams into a slower paced game or for previous players who want to prove that they ‘still have it’. It is an opportunity to play against others of a similar age, fitness and ability. Leagues are played over a variety of formats and can vary in regularity in order to suit people’s busy lifestyles.

Teams are always on the look out for new players, so if you are interested you can search for a club here.

Where can I play Veterans Football?

Tameside Football League (Veterans Divisions)
Sunday 14:00 kick offs
Find a Team here

Contact Support@ManchesterFA.com for more information or if you want to start your own veterans team.

How do I contact a Veterans Team about joining?

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