Competitions Working Group

The Competitions Working Group will… 

- Ensure the very best competition provision for Manchester FA clubs and leagues.
- Ensure inclusivity to Greater Manchester, in line with GM Branding.
- Deal with any protest, complaint and recommendation received in a coherent and effected way for the good of football participation in line with FA Regulations and Manchester FA competition rules. 
- Promote football for all whilst assisting with the implementation of alternative formats of County Cup football to support National Game Strategies.
- Actively suggest ideas and ways to shape MFA Competitions of the future whilst ensuring that clubs participating within existing competitions adhere to our company values.
- Involved in the delivery of Manchester FA Competition finals. 

Current Membership....

- Rob Goodwin-Davey (Independent Chair)
- Louise Band
- Aimee Cook 
- Paul Roots
- Conor Brown 
- Craig Parry

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