Referee Development Team

The Referee Development Team will…

- Maintain a strategic overview of Manchester FA’s work.
- Support Manchester FA in their design, planning and consultation of Operational & Strategic plans – providing  advice and support around Referee Recruitment, Retention, Progression, Conversion & Development ensuring inlusion in all processes.
- Check and challenges Manchester FA Staff and Board across Refereeing topics and issues.
- Provide strategic and operational advice and direction regarding Refereeing when requested by Our Game in Manchester & Staff Board.
- Ensure refereeing is inclusive and for all.
- Be accountable for the voices of existing and potential participants from all groups and ensure the views of all stakeholders are regularly sought and considered.

Current Membership...

Chris Dyson
Dave Addison
Michael Sutcliffe
Mike Carr 
Alan Hall
Paul Graham
Leoni Harland
Matthew Donohue
Fiyinfoluwa Aladelusi

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