Regulations Strategy Group


The Regulations Strategy Group will…

- Maintain a strategic overview of Manchester FA's Services functions, ensuring that all aspects of regulatory, sanctioning and discipline compliance affecting all participants within the game are conducted within the requirements of both Manchester FA & The FA.
- Regularly monitor, review and, where necessary, update the ongoing policies and procedures as they affect those participants referred to above.
- Check and challenge Manchester FA staff and Board Members across FA regulatory processes
- Collate insights and make strategic recommendations to the board and wider Manchester FA Team.
- Review all new league applications in line with agreed consolation process, ensuring feedback from existing members is carefully considered
- Check and challenge Manchester FA lead officers in their respective areas of work, ensuring that the service provided by Manchester FA is of an exceptional standard and within agreed targets.
- Complete the annual review of the Manchester FA Membership Rules for publication. 
Review all complaints & appeals as submitted by The Football Services Manager in line with the approved complaints procedure and County Cup Appeals process

Current Membership...

Paul Roots
Andrew McAnulty
Conor Brown
Keith Marsden
Paul Rose
Colin Bridgford 
Scott Dean