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16-24? Want to develop into a young leader?

Local football wouldn't exist without the volunteers who turn out each week to support our national game. 

This includes young volunteers that undertake a variety of roles within local football from coaching and refereeing, to finance and marketing. Now more than ever, local grassroots football can provide young volunteers with a platform to develop professional skills in practical situations.

Here at Manchester FA we have the 'Manchester FA Young Leaders' to help the future football workforce and ensure they progress onto the next stage of their career. Joining us allows young leaders to have an influential say in how grassroots football looks in Greater Manchester.

Manchester FA Young Leaders speak on behalf of all young volunteers in Greater Manchester. The Leaders organise regular events, develop contacts within the football industry, and represent Manchester FA nationally.

Interested in Joining? Please complete our simple form here!

To speak to somebody at Manchester FA, contact:

0161 225 1966

FALA Winners

Manchester FA Youth Engagement Strategy

Click here to find out more about the Youth Engagement Strategy shaping our game for the future

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